Annual Results

The following are links to information about annual performance results of Richmond Community Schools



RCS Corporation Snapshot

The DOE Compass site shows the following data for RCS:

  • RCS basic info
  • Enrollment
  • Graduation rate
  • Percentage passing the ISTEP
  • Ethnicity
  • Free/Reduced Lunch Participation
  • Enrollment Benchmarks
  • Trend data on attendence and ISTEP progress
  • Links to drill-down deeper into the data.

School Information Sites

Indiana DOE Data Collection Site

RCS is required to submit a number of state reports to the DOE collection site, called the Application Center. Student data is stored locally in our PowerSchool student information system (SIS) and exported into the required state reports. You can read more about the Indiana state reports on the Student Test Number Web site.

Demographics sites

  • Population Characteristics - includes trends for public school enrollment, minority public entollment, certified employees, nonpublic entollment, home school enrollment, special education enrollment, population estimate, and other demographic data for the RCS service area.
  • Free/Reduced Lunch, Percentage of Students - a bar chart of the percentage of RCS students participating in the Free/Reduced lunch program compared with the state average.

North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement

Financial Data

  • Expenditures per Pupil - A chart and table of the trends of expenditures per pupil in the RCS system.  Includes actual and inflation adjusted figures.
  • Summary or Receipts & Expenditures - Shows the cash balance, receipts, receipt exceptions "plus adjustments", expenditures, expenditure exceptions  and "minus adjustments", and cash balances of the latest available report provided by the Indiana Department of Education, Office of School Financial Management.