Middle School Mentoring

Middle School Mentor goals are to:

  • encourage good attendance
  • promote learning through responsible study habits
  • help students get organized and set goals
  • build career awareness and appreciation for higher education

Middle School Mentors achieve these goals by encouraging accountability, acknowledging academic progress, sharing organizational/goal setting skills and sponsoring field trips with their students. These activities afford a smooth transition from elementary to middle school.  Mentors serve to coach students to reach their full potential while leading a healthy/drug-free lifestyle.

Other components of mentoring address skills in decision making, positive behavior, conflict resolution, communication, cooperation and citizenship. Mentors connect learning to earning.

Our Middle School Mentors are community leaders serving as successful role models demonstrating productive employment skills while building student competence, character and confidence.

To become a Middle School Mentor, contact:

Stephanie Hatfield at 765.973.3300 or shatfield@rcs.k12.in.us


Debbie Baker at 765.973.3418 or debbieb@rcs.k12.in.us

300 Hub Etchison Pkwy.
Richmond, IN 47374