Richmond High School

Innovation and Open Source Learning Course

Fall 2018

As the world changes around us, we want to ensure that our students are developing the skills necessary to thrive. Critical thinking, problem identification, solution design, collaboration, effective communication, resiliency, and adaptability are just some of the skills that are vital to our students' future success.
In this class, students will learn from the successes and failures of some of the most successful and influential people in the world. We will learn strategies and techniques to network, share ideas, learn from and build on others' designs, and ultimately work on projects that really matter to the students themselves. 
While there will be assignments to complete throughout the year, the emphasis of this class will be on the completion of projects that the students will choose, design, and then present. Students will be able to choose projects that meet the following requirements:
  • They are passionate about the topic (or at least highly interested in)
  • They have the skills to complete (or can learn the skills in a reasonable amount of time)
  • The project benefits others
RHS Students - talk to your counselor, Mrs. Selm, Mr. Schamel, or Mr. Hill and complete an interest survey today!